Saturday, 19 November 2011

An understanding of Brahman......


As per hindu scriptures Brahman is one supreme universal spirit ,a spirit which is neither male nor female thus considered , gender neutral and  is the origin and support of the universe.It is the ultimate essence of material phenomena that can not be seen or heard but whose natures known through ones beliefs of self knowledge Brahman is  considered to be the foundation from which material things originate and to which they return after their dissolution. Brahman is infinite Being, infinite Consciousness, and infinite Bliss.Brahman is proclaimed to be the reality behind everything in this universe. So, from the perspective of the Body, Atma (Soul or Self) is Brahman. From the perspective of the World, Brahma (the "Creator" deity)is deemed as the Brahman.  From the perspective of Knowledge, Veda is Brahman. So, in one sense whatever we see around is all Brahman. Brahman is hence not an unidimensional aspect. It needs to be viewed and understood from varied perspectives.infinite Bliss.  Brahman is the Ultimate Truth, so in comparison to Brahman, every other thing, including the material world, its distinctiveness, the individuality of the living creatures are all untrue.It is Brahman , which is behind everything that exists and can possibly exist.  it is beyond human comprehension.As explained inThe Hindu Vedas and Upanishads "Truth is one", and all is Brahman. This explains the Hindu view that "All paths lead to the one Truth, though many sages (and religions) call upon it by different names.

To conclude "Brahman is everything - everything you see in front of you plus countless things you cannot see. It is obsccured by Maya, which is also an attribute of Brahman"
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